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Here's why this membership is right for you

Ask yourself...

  • Do you feel continually frustrated with back pain-related issues?
  • Do you struggle to move freely?
  • Are you starting to 'feel old'? (be honest)
  • Are you feeling a bit let down by your body?
  • Are you restricted in the amount of exercise you can do without experiencing pain?
  • Are you often tired, miserable and a bit fed up?
  • Are you frustrated that you can no longer do things you once loved?

Then wouldn't you rather live like this?

  • Moving and feeling free in your body​
  • Knowing how to live actively with the constraints you have
  • Exercise (once again) forms a regular part of your life
  • You feel so much happier and more alive
  • You channel your renewed energy into the things you love to do
  • You constantly set yourself new goals and challenges
  • You're building variety into your routine and continually exploring new ways to stay healthy and challenge yourself

Trish is a specialist Pilates teacher you can trust

Over the past 10+ years, Trish has helped hundreds of people like you who are living with back issues and other debilitating and restrictive health conditions to move better and feel better in their bodies.

Since 2013, she has run her own equipment and matwork Pilates studio (The Pilates Foundry) in the UK. Trish specialises in rehabilitation and is passionate about helping people with their back care needs, which are often linked to something-else.

Don't just take our word for it...

"Trish encourages me to push my body to my own limits, but not to over-do it. She is very professional and it’s wonderful to work with her" - Pam

We'd love to welcome you to our membership

This is the start of a brand new chapter in your life and we want to be your guide and companion on the journey. So what are you waiting for?

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