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Top reasons why Pilates benefits people of all ages

Keeping fit and mobile as you grow older is vital to allow you to enjoy life to the full, and Pilates is a great low-impact method of strengthening your body. Pilates benefits people of all ages.

Both younger and older people are sure to feel the benefit of taking classes, and since you don’t need an underlying base level of fitness, it’s never too late to start.

Pilates has many benefits

There are numerous benefits, both physical or mental, to taking Pilates classes. The kinds of exercises done in a Pilates class will increase the strength and flexibility of your muscles without making them bulky. This, in turn, will often improve your balance and stability, making you more mobile and often less prone to injury in the future. You will also find that your increased strength leads to improved posture and will help you stand straighter.

Participants in Pilates classes often feel some stress relief from carrying out the exercises, and in many cases, this is coupled with a boost in confidence and increased self-esteem.

Pilates strengthens your core

Much of the work done in a Pilates class focuses on strengthening the core muscles. The core is the term used to describe the muscles in the belly and back, muscles that are crucial for so much of what we do in our everyday lives. Many older people suffer from back pain, and strengthening the core muscles can often help with this.

Pilates is low-impact

We live in an increasingly sedentary world, with many people sitting at a desk to work and then coming home to eat dinner and sit and watch television in the evening. Finding ways to incorporate safe, beneficial movement into your day can be tricky, particularly if you’ve never exercised before. This is where Pilates is perfect, whatever your age, since its low-impact nature means it won’t jar your joints or cause undue strain. It’s always best to check with your GP before starting a new exercise regime, especially if you have any long-term injuries or conditions.

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