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Why Pilates is one exercise you can and should do when injured

For anyone who enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle, getting injured is immensely frustrating. Being laid up and taking it easy is not any fitness or sport fanatic’s idea of fun. Fortunately, if your doctor and/or physiotherapist agree, there is at least one exercise you can probably still do.

It's one which may not only help keep you in shape but can also reduce the time it takes to recover from the injury, and make it less likely that you’ll get injured again. That exercise is Pilates, and here’s why it works:

1. Pilates exercises are recognised for their value to physical rehabilitation

Several accounts of the history of Pilates describe founder, Joseph Pilates, as growing up with several health issues and designing Pilates as a remedy for his own physical weaknesses. Now many physiotherapists include Pilates-based exercises as part of recovery programmes for their patients. There’s no higher recommendation than that.

2. Pilates is low impact

As Pilates exercises are low impact they provide an ideal way to continue some physical activity when it might otherwise be impossible, for example, when nursing a fractured ankle or wrist.

3. Pilates is adaptable to your changing needs throughout the recovery process

Pilates exercises are specifically designed to isolate and work different muscle groups and so are easily tailored to avoid stressing an injured area when it must be rested. Once it is possible to start using the injured body part again, experienced teachers can design a programme of exercises for the client to gradually rebuild the muscles in the affected area and help it recover full strength and mobility.

4. Pilates reduces the chances of getting injured again

Correctly and regularly practised, Pilates improves body awareness and strengthens supporting and stabilising muscles. Both help to prevent injuries in the future, particularly where the individual has been prone to repeated problems due to a postural imbalance or weakness.

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