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Pilates teachers – how to keep your teaching fresh

When you teach Pilates, it can be hard to keep your teaching fresh, to stay ahead of the pack. It's not easy to go home after a busy day at the studio to practice Pilates by yourself. However, the health benefits and inspiration for your students that you will gain from home practice are very important and well-worth the effort.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your own Pilates practice fresh.​

Personal training sessions

Although you may be a seasoned Pilates teacher, you never stop learning. Sign up for a weekly training session with a mentor you admire and enjoy a unique one-to-one experience that will inspire and motivate you.

As you learn what works for your personal needs, your enhanced understanding will change your vantage point on what you see in your own students.

Attend weekly group lessons

The pace, energy, and fun of sharing in a group class, particularly one dedicated to teachers, and chatting about your experience afterwards are all beneficial to your own teaching practice. You can learn from hearing different cues and experiencing different styles of teaching. In a class setting you also get to see how the other students react to the cues.

Start a blog about your journey and progress

If you haven’t already got one, why not start a blog so that you can share your Pilates experience with your students and with other teachers? Blogging is a great way to share your enthusiasm for Pilates and to inspire others too. That's why we started this blog!


Books and magazines are a great way of referencing moves when the details might be lost on video. Photographic description allows you to study each pose at your own pace until you fully understand the author’s meaning.

Words allow the author to bring your focus to the details of each exercise. Video can provide you with this also, but the printed word allows you to absorb the work at your own pace.

Reading about Pilates can allow you to continue your study of the discipline when you might not feel like physically undertaking a session at home.

In conclusion

As a Pilates teacher, you may sometimes struggle for inspiration and motivation for your own practice sessions after a day working in your studio. Use the tips above to keep your own practice fresh and this will be transmitted to your own students for everyone’s benefit.

If you would like to learn about how we keep our teaching fresh, we invite you to get in touch. You can contact us by email.

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