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How Pilates can help during pregnancy

Practicing Pilates during pregnancy is one activity that is not only safe, but may actually prove highly beneficial at this time. Here are six of the top ways Pilates during pregnancy can help you.

Controlled breathing

Breathing is a vital component of Pilates, and in pregnant women, learning to breathe efficiently and correctly is beneficial to both mum and baby. Crucially, the controlled breathing learned during Pilates sessions will come in really handy during labour.

Reduces tummy and back pain

Pregnancy hormones make ligaments that connect bones together more flexible to accommodate the growing baby. The downside of this is that pelvic and back pain are a common feature during pregnancy. Practicing Pilates during pregnancy helps to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and improve your posture, minimising any annoying aches and pains.

Strengthens pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor muscles are put under enormous strain as the baby grows, but Pilates exercises can help to strengthen them, providing essential support to the bladder and bowel. If you suffer from incontinence during pregnancy, Pilates can help reduce this common problem.

Improved balance

The uneven distribution of weight and posture change during pregnancy can affect a woman's balance and stability, particularly during the final trimester. The beauty of doing Pilates during pregnancy is that, since it focuses on bolstering your core strength, this can help correct any balance issues.

Strain reduction

The back and pelvis suffer from huge strain during pregnancy, but specific Pilates positions can help to alleviate this strain, making the body feel more comfortable. In some cases, certain poses may even help to encourage the baby to get into the right position in preparation for birth.

Weight control

It's normal to put on some weight during pregnancy, but excessive weight gain can lead to health problems and may make it harder to shift after the birth. Pilates is a gentle exercise that can help to control weight gain during pregnancy, and by keeping in shape at this time, it will help to make the recovery process afterwards much easier.

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